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Rented lounge chairs: A new procedure

2016 May 26
by Denise Fulton

By now, I am sure you’ve seen this message via email, but here is a new procedure for tagging rented lounge chairs:

If you have rented a lounge chairs, you will receive a tag with your name and 2016 when you first visit CB at the start of this season.

Please secure the tag to the lounge chair of your choice using the zip tie provided. You may choose any lounge that does not have a tag already (from any year). If you had a reserved lounge last year, you may select the same lounge as last year – simply add this tag to the same lounge you had last year.

Beginning Friday, June 10, all tags from previous years will be removed. From that point any member can rent any untagged lounge.

Please note: Feel free to mark your chair with a ribbon or something removable to make it easy to find. Please do NOT use duct tape or anything permanent.

As has always been the case, 25% of lounge chairs will remain unrented and available for the use of any member or guest.

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know at (cbpool null@null outlook

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