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Board of Directors Candidate Bios

2011 August 29
by Denise Fulton

By now you should have received a mailing from current Board President Greg Tucker including biographies of those members running for the board of directors. Those bios are reproduced below. Please follow the instructions in the mailing and return your ballot as soon as possible.

Election results will be announced at the Annual General Membership meeting, Sunday, Sept. 4 @ 6:15 pm, just prior to the start of our End of Season Party.

Don Andrews, Sr. (new candidate)

I love this pool and I value the friendships that I have made at this pool. I would like to see this pool to continue growing with consistent financial security.

Lindy Bowman (new candidate)

Lindy, and his wife Rachelle, have been members for five years with their children Lizzie, Ellie and Eli. Lindy can be seen at most B meets cheering too loudly for his kids and confusing the timers with his flash camera while Rachelle is working hard selling Gator Gear. If elected, his goal would be to continue the development of the pool as a great place to spend summers with such plans as constructing additional gazebos (with fans!), exterminating mosquitoes and gnats, organizing tennis and volleyball competitions and learning to not refer to himself in the third person. When not poolside, Lindy spends his time fundraising for a non-profit and would like to assist in securing additional funds for CB outside traditional member fees.

Michael Clinchard (new candidate)

Me and my family have been members for over 15 years and have seen many changes to our pool. As the largest renovation in recent years has come to an end, and all have let out a collective sigh of relief, someone needs to step in with fresh energy for the next set of challenges. This is where a vote for me will be spent as we move forward.

Denise Fulton

Connecticut Belair Swim Club is an oasis – a lovely place to relax and recharge and I have been honored to serve on its leadership team for the last four years. During that time, I have gained a great deal of knowledge in almost all areas of the pool. I’ve coordinated and volunteered for social events, served as liaison to the current management company, and learned a lot about pool construction and maintenance as well. I took a lead role in revamping our website and strive to keep its content current and informative. If re-elected to the Board of Directors, I would focus on maintaining our beautiful facility and increasing membership. I would like to get more members involved in efforts and events at CB. On a small but helpful note, I’d like to investigate a way to send important alerts (pool closings, etc.) to members via text message. I’d appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve CB and its community.

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson and his family have been members of CB almost 20 years. Mark has served on the board for 10 years and as President for 4 of those years and Vice President for 2. Mark is very excited about all the progress made over the last few years and would like to continue the positive work being done. He is our coordinator of the camps that use CB and are vital to our success.

Tod Sloan

As a current board member who has served two 2-year terms so far, Tod believes we need to recruit more new members. Last year, Tod recruited many new members from two local homeowner’s associations. Tod is a local, growing up in Forest Glen and Kensington. His lovely wife Mary has five perfect (ahem!) children (Katie – age 18, Emmett – age 17, Conor – age 14, Brendan – age 13, and Owen – age 10) and sometimes he even gets credit for them too. At least one member of the Sloan family is at the pool at all times (usually because they forgot to pick them up.) Tod has helped run the annual kid’s 3-on-3 b-ball tournament for the last four years, master of ceremonies at the annual talent show, and has also sponsored the charitable Swim for Savy Swim-athon. And last but certainly not the least; don’t tell anyone…but Tod and his brother filled the pool with water this year using a neighboring fire hydrant!

Kaydee Tucker (new candidate)

My family has been members here for 9 years. I have been involved with the pool from running the Snack Bar, helping with the swim team, and managing the front desk. Now that my husband Greg is stepping down from the Board, I would like to give my assistance to the Board and its members.

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