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Join CB’s Board of Directors!

2013 August 3
by Denise Fulton

I want YOU to run for the Board of Directors!

Do you love CB? Do you want to help make sure that our suburban oasis stays beautiful, safe, and successful for years to come? Step up and run for the Board of Directors!

CB needs enthusiastic volunteers to chart its course, set its policies, and help plan and run its events. If you fit that description, please submit a short bio (less than 300 words) and a photo of yourself by August 12. Send your bio/photo to Michael Aitken (mwaitken null@null hotmail or drop it off at the Front Desk.

Need more information before you make your decision? Stop any board member (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001nWAc7vSj9KZwfzA0fEWg7n63CmneqIJLnBhJKC-pued-Xu8hGiqQDF8DDHyHZJ6Ni-XdAXnfU7QHki0RT-yW5J5OibfKIRIX0OpPoTPpvjuZWrIFkkWXbQ==) for details.

Election ballots will be distributed to members approximately August 16 and will be due no later than 12 noon on August 31. Election results will be announced at the Annual General Membership meeting on August 31 on the Snack Shack Patio.

Help lead our pool into the future!

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